August 4, 2011

Choking Hazard

Sippy Cup (with his mouth semi-full): "I finished my waffles.  Can I watch cartoons now?"

M.O.M. : "How did you finish your waffles so quickly?  Didn't you just have 3 pieces left on the plate?"

Sippy Cup (swallowing): "I did.  I stuffed the last 3 pieces in my mouth."

M.O.M. : "Fabulous.  Next time, please don't do that.  You have to eat slowly.  You have to eat one piece at a time.  Because if you stuff them in all at the same time, you can choke."

Sippy Cup: "Well, I stuffed them all in my mouth this time and I'm not choking."

Me: "Ha!  You see what you miss when you're at work?"

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