August 8, 2011

Birthday Presents for Uncle Anthony

Sippy Cup: "What are we going to give Uncle Anthony for his birthday?"

M.O.M. : "You're going to call him and say 'Happy Birthday'."

Sippy Cup: "That's not a present."

M.O.M. : "Yes it is.  He loves talking to you."

Sippy Cup: "How about we get a box..."

Me: "Here we go."

Sippy Cup: "...a really big box..."

M.O.M. : "A huge box?"

Sippy Cup: "...and then I hide inside it..."

Me: "I know where this is going."

Sippy Cup: " wrap it with wrapping paper..."

M.O.M. : "Uh-huh."

Sippy Cup: "...and when you give it to Uncle Anthony I jump out and yell 'Happy Birthday!'."

M.O.M. : "You're sweet."

Sippy Cup: "Yeah.  That's a better idea."

Happy Birthday Uncle Anthony

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