May 22, 2011

Commercial Break

Believe it or not (in spite of the fact that I spend most of my day playing video games with my son), I am still able to string complex sentences together at times and sound semi-eloquent.

This is especially true when I am expressing an honest and sincere sentiment.

I have been a fan of Me In My Place for quite a while now. This weekend, I finally figured out why and I decided to contact the creator and let them know of my epiphany.

As it turns out, they agreed with my opinion/theory and decided to publish my email.

I know that Me In My Place (kind of NSFW...but in a really beautiful way) may seem to have absolutely no connection to my adventures in parenting.

Nevertheless, if you read through my email, you'll see that it does.

I am going to be the father of a little girl in a few weeks. The thought of her ever having to struggle with a poor self-image breaks my heart.

I can only hope that sites like these help to remind her that, no matter what she looks like, she will always be the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world.

Please click the link and spread the love.

Received this nice email yesterday…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That email is what brought me to your blog. It made my day to see that men really do appreciate natural female beauty. So thank you.