May 21, 2011

Sign of the Times

I am pretty sure that this conversation counts as a sign of the pending Apocalypse.

Sippy Cup (laughing): "Dad, remember that time we were in the supermarket and you dropped
all the little tomatoes everywhere?!"

Me: "That was random.  But, yes, I do remember.  I remember you and your mom laughing.  A lot."

Sippy Cup: "Yeah!  It was funny!"

Me: "Yeah, I guess it was pretty funny."

Sippy Cup: "Yeah.  I gotta put that on Facebook."

Me: "Say what now?"

Sippy Cup: "That story.  I have to put it on Facebook."

Me: "Wait a second.  How do you know about Facebook?"

Sippy Cup (shrugging his shoulders): "I don't know.  I just do."

Me: "So then why do you want to put it on Facebook?"

Sippy Cup (laughing): "Because it's funny!  Come on, Dad!  You said it's funny too! 
Let's put it on Facebook!"

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