November 28, 2010

Bad Moon Rising

One of the unheralded aspects of parenthood is having strange and random conversations with your 3 year-old son about his bathroom habits.

Me: "Lil dude, do you have to go use the potty?"

Sippy Cup: "No."

Me: "Are you sure, you're making a bunch of weird faces."

Sippy Cup: "No! I don't have to!"

Me: "Ok, ok, ok.  I'm just asking because I don't want you to have an accident."

Sippy Cup: "I don't have to!"

Me: "Make sure please."

Sippy Cup (turning around and mooning me): "You see?  I don't have to!"

1 comment:

Griz said...

the best story i've heard since.... well, since the last time lil sippy did something awesome/hilarious! sooooo since like last week?