October 27, 2010

Fashion Statements

As is our custom, Lil Sippy Cup and I got into a small argument this morning as I was trying to help him get dressed.

Me: "Ok, pick out a tee shirt."

Lil Sippy Cup (grabs a tee shirt): "Got it."

Me: "Ok, pick out some boxers."

Lil Sippy Cup (grabs a pair of basketball shorts): "Got it."

Me: "Close.  I said boxers."

Lil Sippy Cup: "Nah, these are fine."

Me: "Lil dude, I don't want to fight.  You can put those on as well.  Just make sure you put on a pair of underwear please."

Lil Sippy Cup (sighing): "Fine."

I walked away feeling very proud of myself for having handled the situation so quickly and with minimal protest.

A few minutes later, Lil Sippy Cup walked out of the room, smiling broadly and wearing his boxer shorts on top of his basketball shorts.

Even when I think I've won, I still lose.


Black6x said...

Your son wears boxers?

Alex said...

Come on, how did you not see that coming?

Anonymous said...

Cuff Links, a real friend would have explained that to you you before you ever had a child. Its too late now, you are going to be a loser for a long time.With a child as smart as Sippy Cups.