October 3, 2010

Fall Fair

On Saturday, Roosevelt Island hosted its 5th Annual Fall for Arts festival.  Roosevelt Island is located between Manhattan and Queens and, more importantly, its just 10 minutes from the house.

There were a ton of activities set-up for the kids, ranging from face painting, mask making, tye-dying and puppet shows.  Lil Sippy Cup loved it.

The best part though?  It was all free.  So I loved it as well.

As always, more pictures after the jump.  Enjoy.

 I stayed away from this gentleman.  Coulrophobia is a terrible thing.

They had several blank canvases set-up around the island and had
invited local artists to paint them throughout the day. 

This would help create...


(This was our favorite.)

As always, I found something historical that piqued my interest. 
Today's find?  This house.

This is why.

The puppet show was a hit.

Can you tell?

After the puppet show, we made our way over to the Arts & Crafts station...

...where Lil Sippy Cup learned all about guerrilla marketing.

After the Arts & Crafts, we found a playground which had these awesome spring loaded rides.
Lil Sippy Cup was cautious at first.

But he quickly decided that he liked it.

Correction: he quickly decided that he LOVED it.


Anonymous said...

The look on his face on the spring loaded ride says it all. Love your pictures.

Anonymous said...

He looks like he had a WONDERFUL time just riding the little dog. Its the simplest things that make children happy. He is such an adorable little boy. Can't get enough of the pictures. Good job Mr. Cufflinks.