June 6, 2013


Sippy Cup (walking home from Nina's house): "Aww Dad!  Look!  The neighbor's dogs are so cute!"

Me (taking a look and seeing three Lhasa Apsos running around the yard): "Heh. Yeah. They are cute."

Sippy Cup (turning to me): "We should get one of those!"

Me: "Well, my good sir, while I agree that we should get a puppy, I don't think it should be one of those."

Sippy Cup (frowning): "Why not?"

Me: "Because, my good man, Daddy has decided that he wants a bulldog.  French or English. It doesn't matter.  I just want a bulldog.  Like Spike, from Tom and Jerry!"

Sippy Cup (crossing his arms): "No way! I want a little one like that!  And I want to name her 'Cupcake'!"

Me (aghast): "What? Who are you?"

Sippy Cup (turning and walking away): "I'm a kid!"

Me: "Thanks Captain Obvi-"

Sippy Cup (shouting over his shoulder): "And I want a puppy named 'Cupcake'!"

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