July 16, 2012

A Letter to Future Sippy Cup (15)

Hey kid,

Last night, we lay on the couch together and watched television until we both got sleepy.

These days, you have the perpetual sticky sweet smell of all 5 year-olds whose days are spent running around in the summer sun.  In spite of this, last night, curled up next to me, with your head resting comfortably in the bend of my left arm, you smelled exactly the way you did when you were first born.

In the past year, my time has been preoccupied with work and the challenges of raising a daughter.

And words cannot express just how much I have missed you.

No matter what tomorrow brings, no matter where in the world you are when you read this, please know that your father loves you.


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Troy said...

Glad you are posting again. Great stories!