July 12, 2011


Sippy Cup: "Mom, I want that spider."

M.O.M. (looking around nervously): "What spider?!"

Sippy Cup: "The one that bites you."

M.O.M.:  "Definitely not."

Sippy Cup (pinching the space between his thumb and forefinger on his left hand):
"You know, the one that bites you here."

M.O.M.: "Once again, these details aren't helping you."

Sippy Cup: "I want that spider."

M.O.M.: "Of course you do."

Sippy Cup: "It only takes one bite."

M.O.M.: "That's one too many."

Sippy Cup: "So that I can be Spider-Man."

M.O.M.: "And now it all makes sense..."

Sippy Cup: "The real Spider-Man."

M.O.M.: "Obviously."

Me (yelling from the living room): "Welcome to my world!"

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