December 15, 2010

Lil Super Hero

Sippy Cup: "Dad, did you bake a cake?"

Me: "Why yes, my good man, I did."

Sippy Cup: "So is this a test?"

Me: "Pardon me?"

Sippy Cup: "You know, a 9-1-1 test?"

Me: "I am both confused and a little scared."

Sippy Cup: "Do you want to see if I know how to call the firemen?"

Me: "Uhm...nooooo..."

Sippy Cup: "Then why is the oven on?"

Me (running into the kitchen to turn off the oven): "Ahh....yes...a test!  Good job!  You passed!"

Sippy Cup: "Yay!"

In all the ways I could have thought of celebrating our 250th post, not blowing up the house never even crossed my mind.


Alex said...

lol. literally, just sat here and lol

Unknown said...

hahahahaha. Win!